Interesting day today. I made 64km of the 82. Only the last turnpoint I couldn’t make, because there was rain/thunder in the West and I didn’t dare to fly over unlandable area on low altitude. I also couldn’t get high on the mountain in the North. I saw others high above me, but I couldn’t get there, which was a pitty.

At the start I was at a good position, flying as one of the first, but at the third ridge Arne went on low and I staid to get altitude. It took me 10-15 minutes before I was at a good altitude, while I saw Arne at the next ridge taking his best thermal of the day (he told). After this, I was flying behind the 2nd gaggle and I had to do a lot flying all by myself. While I was flying back to the Chabre I was following the clouds, but I shouldn’t have done that. I was west of the Chabre in strange thermals, while later on at the Chabre I was having a great thermal.
With one stop in between I was flying directly to the 2nd turnpoint. After that it was hard at the Ajour, but at the end (East side) I could get high to cross to the mountains I could get high enough to go to the 3rd turnpoint (where I told earlier about).
I landed at the Sisteron sailplane field, where I didn’t make a very nice landing, although I had a very long final.
Anne-Marie picked me up very soon together with a Greek guy who flew his personal best in Altitude, distance and time.

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