The opening ceremony yesterday was nice. Not to much speeches, some didgeridoo music and a well organised BBQ.

World Hanggliding pilots 2013, picture by Regina Glas

Although it is a official practice day, it is also becoming 44 degrees. I still have to find a way to handle this heat in regards to food and drink. My body is feeling like I am on a boat. This morning I took some additional salts (dropjes) and this is working I think. Also I am not drinking pure water anymore. Only with something additions in it like salts, sweets and electrolites, so my body doesn’t have to work that hard.
I decided to not going flying again. This is painfull in my heart, but wise in my mind.
Tomorrow the flying will start for real. All the others went flying during the practicetask of 140km. I don’t think they will go for the full track, but just do a part of it. They will also test making tshirts wet, so the core body tempature will be reduced. It’s a simple way, but sufficient probably. I heard the Germans are having cooling vests, how sweet is that !