It was pretty windy today at the Chabre.
The thermals were not doing it that great, so a lot of gliders were in front of the mountain.
I couldn’t get the thermals right and went on finding it on the ridge to the next TP.
I was getting lower and lower and decided to go to landing area. After a short while I found a weak thermal that was getting better and better and brought me back to almost 2700m. Meanwhile the lead gaggle was back from TP1 and they were stepping into the same thermal a bit lower. In the beginning I could do it as good as them, but later on they all went faster up then me. I glided to TP1 and had to keep in mind to get low enough otherwise I would be violating the airspace.
While I was heading back to the Chabre I found a thermal again and used it, but not high enough I am now thinking.
While I was going for the St. Genis, I came in a bit above the ridge, but I was not high enough to get to the others that were thermaling up. I did have some +1 minimim thermal, but I didn’t use it properly.
I had to land, again near the lake. Not the best landing ever, since the wind changed a bit while on final.
Although the last couple of days I did a lot of things right, today I made a few mistakes. Without them I probably would have been flying further. But on the other hand I was lucky getting back up while I was on my way to the landingfield.
I did 32km of the task.

Back on the campsite it was really windy and pilots coming in for goal. Some of them, especially Tanno came in really low. Joost put his glider into the 400m radius and had to make a quick turn. From of the camping it didn’t look pretty. He told me he had to get the goal radius, although it costs him an upright.

My tracklog on the DHV XC website.

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