We went Aspres because of expected NW wind, which would come South in the beginning of the afternoon.
Instead of this, the wind was NW allmost all the time and the task of 112km was canceled.
We used the day to practice short sprints to our gliders when Dustdevils were present. This was done about 30 times. Maybe the Olympics can add an additional sport event, the 50 meters with obstacles.
Joost and Tanno went free flying. They had a short window in which they could start.
During derigging of the glider I parked my car next to the glider and put on the hangglider songs really hard. The number ‘in the air again’ was succesfull and after it there was a small aplaus.
We were on the campsite at 17:00 and I went to the swimming pool… this was nice on this hot day.

Martin showing the 'Dust Devil Prevention Position' Resting after a short sprint Anne-Marie also waiting the whole day Disasambling our gliders with in the background music from my minivan with the text 'in the air again'