What a wind on top of Aspres. I was ‘t really happy about it. But I see other pilots doing fine, so I went. After a time of going up and down, thermals on and off, I went to a record height of 3600m. To TP1 was headwind of max 40km. In the beginning I was even flying backwards.
I arrived at 2900m end went back with 110kmh speed over ground. And again after some search, I got at 3600m and went in the direction of TP2. The aim was Pic the Bure, bit I didn’t trust it with this wind. I followed the ridges and 8km before goal I was stuck on a ridge with 2 other hanggliders. We didn’t get up, so my idea was to get some extra distance and land in the valley were already 5 hanggliders landed.
But because the valley went up over there the wind blew me back to 3200m and I took the turnpoint.
Heading back to Aspres would mean you would get to the ground, so I went to the hoefijzer mountain. This was very, very turbulent, so I went on, east of the mountains. I just made it to the front of the Ajour. Again turbulent. I was a bit done with all turbulent thermals and went in the direction of the Genis. I couldn’t make it and landed at the east side of it.
During landing I had shifting wind, so again my landing was not that beautiful.
I flew 58km.
Not that many on goal. From the Dutchies Arne and Martin.
Mart came down by parachute, what happened I don’t know.

My flight at the DHV XC website