Today we finally had a task. A good one of 106km up and down in the region.
I started early but I couldn’t get really high in the beginning. The thermals at the Chabre were shifting all the time. I was at 2500m but didn’t go on course because others were higher. After that i dropped to 2000m. When I was at 2200m I went after all. I made it pretty close to the next ridge, there it went up quit good. At the Sisteron ridge, tp1, I was at 3100m. Then one glide to the Chabre which was again giving strange shifting thermals. Then the ridge before the Beaumont, this was doing it pretty good. I was back at 2600m. Instead of going to the Beaumont, I went to the ridge East of Serres. It was a goog glide because I didn’t loose that much altitude. Above the sailplane field I got a really good thermal to 3100m, then to tp2. That was nice because between tp1&2 were 34km.
I went for the Ajour to go tp3, this worked out fine. At the east side of the Ajour I was again at 3100m. Then the glide to the antenna mountain. On my way I found some small thermals for extra hight. Then the glide to the last turnpoint. I came there to low to have time to find a nice thermal. Then there was the finding of a nice landingfield. It was pretty hard, but in the end I found a big field with big haybeals. A corner of this field was without them. The landing was not that nice but no damage. Only not the usual great landing.
My distance was 91km.
I am satisfied about it, since I kept fighting and took everything I could.
In the evening we went eating with five pilots and Anne-Marie at the local Vietnamese ….. Good food

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