Today the weather is beautifull for flying. On- and off cumulus and South-West wind on the start of Kobala. There was a 75km task: north-west to the and of the ridge, back to the lake near Tolmin, to the ridge half way at the place Kovaric and then to the camping. I wanted to start later, to make sure to get a thermal after start. This worked out fine and I glided to the beginning of the ridge. Half way back again to cloudbase and at the startcircle again on cloudbase exaxtly when the startgate opened. What a magnificient view this was. Everyone on course. It was a bit crowded and you had to look around all the time to make sure you won’t fly against eachother. On this first part I was a few minutes behind the first gaggle, but I had to stop chasing them near the ridge change at Kobarit. I had some difficulties to get up, but afterall I found a thermal to head for turnpoint 1. I had to fly over unlandable area into to high mountains. I was a bit cautious, so I made a save route. Unfortunatly I came to low to find a thermal back up. I had to land.
This day about 20 pilots arrived at goal and also a lot of Dutchies. Although I had a great flight I have second thoughts that I could reach further. But I learned new things especially about this area.