Today was a beautifull day, a few clouds and a East wind.
I am here for the first time and the Kobala is really beautifull as well as the whole valley.
After assembling my glider, I noticed I was at a place not really good for starting fast. So I moved my glider to a better spot. Later on this was indeed a wise decision because the starting lanes were not really clear and I could start easily.
We had a 83km task. After start I maintained altitude for a while but later on I bombed out. I managed to find a thermal back to 1200meter and head for the mountain next to Tolmin. However this mountain didn’t work and following the ridge was also not working. I was low and landed at the camping.
I had, for the first time since this hanggliding holiday, a great landing. So at least one positive point for the day.
A lot of pilots bombed out, including Tanno. Gijs, Joost, Rob, Paul flown a big distance but didn’t manage to get goal.
Hopefully the scores for all of us aren’t did high so I won’t get behind te much.

Results of the day

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