At 8:00 we had pilot-breakfast, which was well organized. After that, the sponsors and all the other people and companies making this competition possible where thanked.
After breakfast I went to the workshop to solder a backup battery for my vario. I used a cycling-lamp, which gave the option to insert 3 AAA batteries of 1.2V, to make it work. After a small hour I had it fixed and that was a small relieve. The only problem was that when I came up, I had to build up my glider at the end of the row.
On the mountain there was a briefing at 10:30, where all the safety instructions were given, including a live tracking device ( Me is nr. 31, Gijs is nr. 29), which was new for me. Because of rain forecasts in the afternoon or late afternoon, there would be a smaller task.
At 12:00 we were given a 65 km task (T1, 44, 50, 43, L1). At 12:40 I started (1700 meter) and immediately got into a thermal which brought me at 2600meter by 13:00. This was also the official starting time and it was a pity I couldn’t start earlier so I could make another 200 meter and also fly for about 4km to the start circle which was on 5km.
I went on glide with in front of me about 5 gliders. Two of them turning a bit to the left to the high mountains and three of them to the ridge. I decided to go to the high mountains, which gave me more options. After a glide of about 5km I arrived at 1800 meters and soon I found a thermal to 2200 meters. I went on glide again to the next ridge on these big mountains. I went three times from 2200 to 1800 and backup up, but the last one was not possible. Later on I heard more about the ideas and what others did and here I made a mistake.
While I was at 2200 I should have go higher to 2600, but I decided to go for a small glide. Gijs was in the same thermal, only 300 meters below, but he used it to go as high as possible and go for a glide to turnpoint 1. Gijs made 48km of the task and I did 13km. Because the sun was more and more less shining on the surface, there were no good thermals at that moment where I was. I had to land in a small village called Röfleuten, which is 4km before turnpoint 1.
The other things a have to learn from is:
– start more early (pretty difficult at Tegelberg) to be in a better place and also to fly in the first gaggle.
– The way the wind is blowing, I should have go back 1km from the point I as was before landing to go the high mountains and find there a thermal.
– Joerg explained me why a lot of pilots took the ridge. Because of the wind this was a better option. But pretty hard for me since I was not in the first gaggle.

After the landing, which was not 100% fine, I text HQ to let them know I was landed. I also informed Anne-Marie to pick me up by car, which was soon done. In the scoring I was the first from the end of the list who got behind the startcircle. I am 6th from the end of the list.
It was a very beautifull day, with 2 hours of flying and I learned a lot. I am really happy with the first task at the German Open.
Hangglider Transport on the Tegelberg BahnMe pointing to the result pageThe man with a new German Speed Record over a length of 100kmThe winners of task 1. Alex Ploner first, Roland Wohlre second and Bob Baier 3rdthe live tracking devices get juice againhigh under the clouds Me ready for take ofGijs is ready for take offtogether in one thermalTask 1 German Open 2011 Tegelbergthe ramp Not much space left on the TegelbergBriefing by Bennome in thoughtsGijs and I with on the foreground Gijs' gliderSoldering the backup BatterySchloss Neu Schwangau