I arrived in Schwangau together with my girlfriend Anne-Marie on Monday. I had found a very nice apartment for a week in Schwangau-Horn which a booked the week before.
Because of a small wrist injury of a landing last Sunday in Bösingen, I decided not to fly today to give it an extra day rest. I used this day for the voluntary sprog measurement, where it turned out to be some sort of political thingy about the settings because I am flying 14.8m2 version and the official measurements are from a 14.1m2 version. I was happy to know what my readings are, but I was surprised about the political if/then/or things then came up later.
Later on the day I already could bring up me glider to the Tegelberg, which was really easy and everybody was helping each other.
At the end of the afternoon I could do the registration for the competition. All the paperwork was fine and even the vario and backup vario got their waypoints really easy.
I still have a battery problem with me Aircotec XC Trainer. Last Sunday while high after a tow with the Dragonfly to vario stopped working. One or two cells from the battery are damaged and after charging it only is working for max. 2 hours. On Monday I ordered a new battery from Aircotec in Austria and send it by express post. While writing this, it is Thursday and still my battery is not arrived. This is not the service I was hoping for and actually I am not happy with Aircotec at all since this is no way you handle your clients urgency where you know of and having them paid big prices for sending.