Van de week een mailtje gestuurd naar Icaro om te vragen wat het beste is als ophangpunt. Wat blijkt, eigenlijk vlieg ik een te klein toestel:

Mailtje Sander:
Next year probably I will buy a new… but in the meantime I fly my MR700 14.2
I am not completely satisfied with the performance, probably because of an adjustment.
My weight is 92 and my hook in weight is probably 110kg.
Which hook-in-hole do you suggest for hooking up my harnass with above KG’s in mind?

Antwoord Christian Ciech:
For your weight the 14.2 is not the best size. The right size for you is the 14.8. In any case with your hook in weight, you must move the CG at least two holes forward compare standard CG hole. If you have carbon battens, CG hole is already one or two holes forward compare standard position. In this case, because your weight, you will have to hook you, at least three holes forward compare normal CG position.
Anyway, make any change step by step. Move CG hole one hole at time.