Yesterday asked a lot from the human body. Mine really got a big hit, coping with the heat. This morning we had to register and early in the evening we have opening ceremony. So there is not that much time to go flying.
Yesterday I probably didn’t drink enough and also I got a little sunstroke (I think). I am drinking much more today (5 liters).
My mind said, you need to rest, my hart said, go flying !! But to get my body fit I am not flying, resting is better (better to have my energy bucket full for 100%). I went swimming with Anne-Marie in the 50m swimmingpool nearby. This is also better for my little painfull back.
I am pretty sure this competition will be one to test the human body. Winner will be the one with the best condition (eg good eating/drinking/sleeping). We probably have the first dropouts after three flying days. I am wondering how the organisation will handle this extensive head regarding to resting days. Normally I would say, no resting days, but I feel that this competition will take a lot !

I hope the organisation will have facilities so we have shade on the airfield.
I am looking forward to the tasks from of Monday and I hope to have a lot of flying fun for 10 days !!
In the meantime I am looking forward to the biggest Forbes BBQ ever, which starts in 2 hours.