Yesterday was an extremly hot day. After more than two hours of adjusting my glider because it was short packaned, it was still not finished and I was exhausted because of this heat. I can handle heat pretty well, but heat of 37 degrees and more is hard when you are in the direct sun all the time.

Today was even hotter, 39 degrees. In the morning there were windgust up to 50kmh. In the afternoon it was more mellow and a lot pilots went flying. It was a great day of flying after all. Start and landing with my new Icaro Laminar went great. The flying inbetween was great. Thermals went up to 3.000 meters. The only thing I have to work out is my Vario. I have got problems with my XC Trainer again. This time it is only beeping from of thermals with 2ms and even then the tone is strange. Luckily I bought Brauniger Compeo+, so no worries about that.
The upcoming days it will be even hotter. I wonder how to work this out for my body with fluids and eating. I used to have herbalife 24, but that is not available in Australia. Now I have to adapt with different kind of food and drinks.

My flight on the DHV XC website.