This morning we went to the Chabre. I was not pleased with that because with the prodicted West wind there would be dustdevils again. In the end it was no problem, but nevertheless.
I started early and was on cloudbase when the first startgate was opened. That was great. I glided just behind Markus Ebenfeld. He is a great pilot so I thought, I follow him as far as possible. After TP1 (Agily) he glided further on the ridge. I was thinking why, but then I saw a sailplane thermalling he was heading for. I went towards this place and it went up +6 m/s.
I was really fast at cloudbase again and went towards Aspres. I changed this because my height was still fine. I went to the ridges before the Pic de Bure. In the end I was low and had to fight to stay up. Over there I was together with Martin. But these turbulent thermals were not for me. After trying for a few minutes I glided on but in the end I was lower and lower.
The only option was to try it on the same spot as on a task during the Belgiums. I was lucky, I found a thermal and later on Arne was joining me. Together we glided over Gap towards a small mountain. I was again lucky, I found a weak thermal. But Arne was not lucky and on the same spot he bombed out. Towards TP2 I found another thermal that brought me really high. I glided over TP2 and went to the mountain next to Lac de Serre-Poncon. This again went up really great.
From of this moment I was in doubt what to do, go into to high mountains or fly a bit on the save site and stay in sight with landable area.
I choose for the last and towards the Montagne I had a cloudstreet. After the Montagne there were no clouds anymore. I could choose to get as far as possible to the last turnpoint, but I choose to head back to the camping.
Later on I was thinking about this decision, although it was right for this moment, the next time I will glide for the turnpoint. This because a task is a task (Een taak is een taak ‘by Joost Eertman’)

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Meathead Pete, half compdirector, half stand-up-comedian Weather prediction by the British Weather girl - GOODMORNING !! Listening at the breefing Task 3 of the British Open Team meeting about how to fly the task Preparing (in the background)Waiting for good wind Starting from of the Chabre High South High in the sky