My first 100+ goal in my hanggliding career. Jooeeeehhhoooeee !!!!
The task was 104km.
In the beginning of the task I was low at the Beaumont and had to fight back. But after this it went pretty easy.
TP1 was made at the 3400m. Then on glide to TP2 and on glide to the ridge to TP3.
On the ridge a good thermal again to 3400m and near TP3 the clouds came in low and I had to fly through the clouds.
I went back on the same ridge, which was not the courseline, but I didn’t mind. I wanted to fly above vallies with potential landing fields. Also I already had great thermals here and it was easy to the Beaumont, again to cloudbase and on glide to the Chabre. And… again to cloudsbase and to the Gach. On the last turnpoint I went on glide to goal (the camping). My vario said it would be fine in the beginning, but after a while it was giving a -200m. Damn… but in the end I was 100m above goal. A nice landing finished this great flight.
And for the second time I received a lot of congratulations, which was very nice. I appreciated this very much, since most of them were really happy for me.

Tracklog on the DHV XC website.

Goal task 1 - arrival above goal Goal task 1 British Open - Flare