What a great day it was. Thermals of 6 m/s, cloudbase of 3600m.
But because of hard Eastern winds during the task, the task was stopped.
It probably will end up with a high ranking for me, since I was in the lead gaggle on the first start time.
I was flying just behind Joost and we were gliding and gliding. Beyond the Beaumont, where I was thinking, shouldn’t I go turn and search for a thermal. But after a short while we hit a 5m/s thermal that brought us back. Together with Martin we reached around 3400m. In the glide to TP1 I used a small thermal, which I shouldn’t have done, because I then was not with the lead gaggle anymore. After TP1 I glided towards Aspres. Above the sailplane field it went up hard and I could glide further. But because of the hard wind I had to pick up a thermal every ridge. I was just after the Pic de Bure when the task was stopped. I went down immidiatly because perhaps the organisation knew things I didn’t.
From above a saw two bad landings. After I landed with a nice landing, I saw 5 more landings that weren’t that pretty. This all happened to my opinion because their airspeed on final glide wasn’t hard enough.
Anne-Marie and Richard were phoned and after 40 minutes they picked me up.
Some other pilots haven’t heart the radio and flew the entire task, well done for that !
The wind was indeed hard in the Veynes valley, but I don’t know why they stopped it, because you have to land overall !


My flight at the DHV website of 51km