Because of predicted harder winds then yesterday we had a smaller task from of Aspres. On top of the mountain a lot of pulots were hesitating because of cirrus, strange clouds and panties not going up. After launch it went up pretty good but not high enough to head to the Ajour. In the valley I found a weak climb that brought me 300m up, enough to get to the Ajour. Over there it went up in strange turbulent thermals. At 2300m I went to the Genis, tp1, but I came to low to get the turnpoint. I had to land and for the first time with a good landing. The distance I flew was 18km.
A lot of pilots bombed out at start but also a lot of them were on goal. I could see them going for final glide, since I was directly beneath the last turnpoint ( also tp1). That was not the best place to be.

The field I landed in

Love is in the air

My flight at the DHV XC website