Yesterday there was a shorter task because of pricegiving ceremonies in the evening. We had a 55km task, again into the next valley. I was hoping to reach this valley this time, because I knew now that it could be done pretty easy with enough height. After start I had to be alert, because of parapents who made you go out of the thermal. I first thought it was my own technique nog getting up, but in the end it more looks like only a few parapents really can’t thermal with hanggliders.
I couldn’t get really high, which is strange, since I was scanning the area pretty good. In the end I landed before Kobarit and after me a dozen landed in the same field too.
After everybody uploaded their tracklogs the final results are as follow.
For the Dutch competitors the result is:
1. Joost Eertman
2. Rob in t Groen
3. Paul Engelen

een start vanaf de Kobala de winnaars van het NK 2011. 1 Joost Eertman, 2 Rob in t Groen, 3 Paul Engelen