Today the task setting was posponed for half an hour because of insurtane weather. Eventually there was a task of 85km. I got started near the end of the start row. Everybody was very low, start level or a bit higher. It was pretty crowded in these few hundred meters near the start. It took about half an hour before I got a real good thermal which brought me till hundred meters under cloud base, which was on about 1900 meters. When I reached the top I went straight to the east side of Füssen. Afterwords not a good decision, but I didn’t want to take any chance to land in the middle of a big city where is no place to land. I flew with Gijs a lot of the times, not planned, but it turned out to be so.
Above the city I found a small thermal, which brought me a few hundred meters higher. After gliding for a while I was lower and lower and couldn’t find any serious thermal anymore and I landed with a 100% beautiful landing. After building off my glider I found a car willing to bring me to the start of the Tegelberg, that was great !!
I first picked up my own glider and then drove to Gijs, who landed on the other side of the ridge.
After uploading our tracklogs we went for eating a big icecream, also because we have to wait for eating till 20:00 for the pilot diner. At pilot diner, which was well organised and had a nice traditional beirische band with dancers, we found out that Gijs and I are on the first page of the results…joeheooeeeee !!! place 18 and 19. We even beated Roland Wöhrle, which is one of the best pilots in the world.